Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa, founder of SEISA Group, passed away on March 23 this year.

We would like to hold a farewell party for Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa by connecting all SEISA offices in Japan as follows, inviting those who had a close relationship with Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa to join us to reflect on his achievements and to continue his legacy into the future.

- Important Notice -
The "Farewell Party for Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa" will not be held in attendance, and will be held online only.

- Notice -

Due to the rapid re-spread of the COVID-19, we have decided to hold the Farewell Party for Honorary Chairman Yasuo Miyazawa on July 27, 2022 only on the web.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel the event by inviting you to come to each venue. We apologize to all those who had planned to attend the event.

However, we would like to ask for your kind understanding that we have made this decision with safety and health as our top priorities. We hope that you will watch the video of the ceremony on our website below and join us for the farewell party.

● Details ●


Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Held on the web page from 10:00 a.m.

(Open from 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 to 23:59 p.m. on Sunday, July 31, 2022)

宮澤 保夫 - MIYAZAWA Yasuo

Born in Machida City, Tokyo in 1949, the youngest of four male siblings. Was a voracious reader, naughty, constantly called a "unique child" by those around him. In 1972, he opened Tsurugamine Seminar, a tutoring school, and established SEISA Group from kindergarten to university which was made in his lifetime.

Our goal is to create a school where students can be the main character and participate actively. We have always had in mind that children with various problems and disabilities, as well as those who want to find a new self, can make friends and participate in our educational environment with a smile on their face. I am not an educator, but probably I think I can be categorized in a new field called "creating educational environments”. Of course, I do not mean building buildings or schoolyards. I think and act on many ideas, such as "if only there were such and such a thing," "if only there were such and such a scene," "if only there were such and such teaching materials..." and so on. We continue to create whatever the children need and provide it to them. (From "Thoughts on the 30th Anniversary of the Foundation")